📢 Integration Overview

Our Onfleet integration is a streamlined and highly customizable way to accept, process and fulfill delivery orders directly from your Online Store.

Onfleet Integration Features Include:

  • Address validation to ensure supported delivery area directly within the Online Store

  • Customizable delivery minimum order value amounts defined by city, zip code, or blanket base structure

  • Customizable delivery fees defined by city or zip code

  • Customizable additional delivery tax rates

  • Customizable delivery window times to display selectable delivery windows within the Online Store

  • Configurable task requirements for all delivery orders including photos, ID verification, notes, and customer signature

  • Enhanced SMS notifications when delivery is en route including real time location visibility

❗ Requirements

  • You'll need an active Onfleet account before configuring this integration.

  • You'll need to generate your Onfleet API Key from the Settings section of your Onfleet account, and input it directly into the Integrations section of the Olla Dashboard Settings page.

👍 Getting Started

Integrating Onfleet with Olla is a simple process that can be completed in under 60 seconds! Before you begin, make sure you have your Onfleet API Key handy.

  1. Navigate to the 'Settings' page within the Olla Dashboard.

  2. Expand the 'Integrations' section.

  3. Input your Onfleet API Key into the Onfleet Delivery Integration section and click the 'Test Credentials' button.

  4. Adjust any preferred settings for Task Requirements or Task Settings.

  5. Save Changes.

**❗ Note: Please double check this data for accuracy to prevent any configuration issues!

To activate Delivery Orders on your Online Store:

  1. Navigate to the 'Settings' page within the Olla Dashboard.

  2. Expand the 'Online Store' section.

  3. Toggle the 'Delivery Orders' setting ON.

  4. Save Changes.

💡 Configuring Delivery Minimums, Fees, and Taxes

You can configure any applicable any delivery fees, associated minimum order values, and taxes directly from the Delivery Orders section of the Settings page.

Simply input any zip code or city based location area, and input any desired associated minimum fees &/or order amount.

You can enter as many zip code or city based delivery areas as you'd like here to cover your entire delivery range.

You can also set a base fee to cover a blanket delivery fee and minimum order amount for all delivery orders.

If your service areas require additional taxes not currently represented in your POS, you can add any variety of State, City, or Zip Code based taxes to be applied automatically to all delivery orders.

**❗ Note: Please be sure to hit the Save Changes button at the top right corner of the Settings page to finalize your updates!

💡 Configuring Delivery Window Times

You can also configure delivery time windows directly from the Online Store section of the Olla Dashboard Settings page.

Any value inputted into the Delivery Window Time field will display these options directly on the checkout page of the Online Store for your customers to select.

**❗ Note: Please note that the values inputted into this field should be in Minutes!

These configured delivery windows will dictate each delivery interval a customer can expect to receive their order. Once inputted, the customer will be served options to choose the available windows valid throughout the same business day on the checkout page of the Online Store.

**❗ Note: Please note that the default option served to your customers will be ASAP, and will reflect the current Delivery Window Time inputted on the Settings page.

💥 Customer Experience Overview

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