📢 Integration Overview

Our Springbig integration is a powerful way to enroll new loyalty signups, while driving customer engagement and retention by enabling loyalty point redemptions, all within your Online Store.

With this integration, we took a careful approach to consider user privacy and security, while still ensuring the highest converting checkout experience in cannabis. Enrolling a new mobile number requires validation, using a 6-digit PIN sent to the user's mobile device. Additionally, loading an existing profile requires the same validation step, ensuring user privacy, as well as discouraging point mixing and wallet sharing.

SpringBig Integration Features Include:

  • Loyalty enrollment directly within the online store checkout page

  • Enrolled members can view their points balance while checking out

  • Loyalty members can redeem rewards and apply discounts directly to their order during checkout 🥳

  • Configure and launch cart abandonment engagement campaigns (Coming Soon!)

❗ Requirements

  • You'll need an active Springbig account before configuring this integration.

  • You must be using Springbig loyalty in order to support discount sale reward types.

    • Note: Olla supports both: Dollar ($) Off Discounts, and Percentage (%) Off Discounts

  • You'll need to contact your Springbig Account Manager to procure your Springbig account 'Auth Token'.

👍 Getting Started

Integrating Springbig with Olla is a simple process that can be completed in under 60 seconds! Before you begin, make sure you have your Springbig Auth Token handy.

  1. Navigate to the 'Settings' page within the Olla Dashboard.

  2. Expand the 'Loyalty Integrations' section.

  3. Toggle the 'Enabled Springbig Integration' setting ON.

  4. Enter your 'Springbig Settings Auth Token', provided by your Springbig Account Manager.

  5. Save Changes to complete setup.

**❗ Note: Please double check this data for accuracy to prevent any configuration issues!

💡 Configuring Compatible Discounts in Springbig

In order for your reward discounts to be compatible for redemption within your Online Store, you'll need to ensure each reward discount is configured properly.

1. Access your reward settings in Springbig by navigating to the Rewards/Offers page under the Settings dropdown within your Springbig dashboard.

2. From within the Rewards/Offers page, you can view a list of your current rewards, and access their settings by clicking the 'Edit' option next to the offer you want to configure.

3. Ensure the 'Reward Name', 'Reward Value' and 'POS Reward Value' have been properly configured to your liking. Ensure the status is marked 'Active;, and save your changes.

Note: The 'Reward POS String' is not a requirement for our integration configuration; however, if you have a previously configured value in this field, do not alter or remove it, as other integrated services may require this data.

4. Your customers will now be able to view and redeem this rewards discount during the checkout process wen placing an online order!

💥 Customer Experience Overview

Customer Authentication

Before we can let customers interact with their loyalty wallet, we need to identify & authenticate who they are. For ecommerce this poses a challenge because any additional step like creating a username & password, remembering your password, logging in etc all create friction in a checkout experience. Our solution was to utilize phone number as the identifier for someone's account & a one-time-passcode sent to their phone in order to authenticate they are in possession of that phone number. Not only will this reduce friction in the checkout experience but also improves security over username/password being a two factor authentication method.

Existing Loyalty Customers

If you've previously enrolled in the loyalty program either in store or online, as you enter your phone number in checkout we'll recognize you're an existing loyalty customer & send you a one-time-passcode sms to authenticate you and then display your points balance and available rewards.

New Loyalty Enrollment

If you do not have an existing loyalty account, you can opt in to creating one - when you do so we'll send you a one-time-passcode sms to authenticate you then enroll you in the loyalty program.

Redeem Rewards

🧠 Best Practices: Applying Rewards During Final Checkout

Orders placed with a loyalty reward attached will include the details of the loyalty reward in the Dashboard Order Details screen & on the printed pick ticket. The reward details include the POS name, discount type, discount amount & reward name that were configured in Springbig. The retailer will then tender the transaction as they typically do in the POS system and can reference the loyalty reward details in the Dashboard or pick ticket to redeem the reward within the POS.

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