Olla offers the ability to setup In-Store Kiosks for your customers to view a live menu and easily make purchases, directly from your showroom!

This article is a best-practice guide on how to utilize and set up your in-store ordering kiosk, and will cover the following topics:

  1. How to Activate In-Store Ordering

  2. Navigating Your In-Store Ordering Kiosk

Getting Started

To get started, please ensure you have set up your In-Store Ordering Kiosk both physically within your store, and through your Olla Dashboard.

How To Activate In-Store Ordering

To turn on your in-store ordering features within your Olla Dashboard, please:

  1. Navigate to your Settings.

  2. Click on Online Store.

  3. Enable the In-Store Ordering toggle.

Once enabled, you will now see a new tab appear within your Settings page that is titled "In-Store Ordering".

Here, you have a few options for customization:

  1. Online Ordering: when disabled, the store will still be accessible to customers but ordering functionality will be removed.

  2. Separate In-Store Orders: separates in-store orders from online-orders. Requires a second Olla-compatible printer.

  3. In-Store SMS: when toggled, this will send out your customer a SMS messages once an order is placed.

  4. First-Name Only: when toggled, a last name will not be required for in-store orders.

  5. Optional Mobile Number: when toggled, a phone number will not be required for in-store orders.

  6. Custom Receipt Copy: custom text copy for in-store customers to see after successfully placing an order. This could be 'We will call your name shortly and process your order' or 'Please have a seat in the lobby and wait until your name is called,' etc.

Congratulations! Once you click on Save at the top of your Settings page, and you'll now be ready to accept in-store orders!

Navigating Your In-Store Ordering Kiosk

Once enabling In-Store Ordering, you can now begin utilizing the feature. There are two major components of In-Store Ordering that will help you navigate the feature better:

  1. Your In-Store URL

  2. Processing Orders

Your In-Store URL

Each Olla online store has a custom URL that allows our retailers to have their own customized visual features and functionality changes - giving customers and employees the best experience possible!

The custom URL you should use for your in-store kiosks will be similar to your home website URL (without any prefixes or extensions).

  1. All in-store URL's will end with olla.co . Please reach out to Olla support directly to confirm your in-store URL.

  2. This in-store URL will have the top banner removed to save space, and only show items for sale on the homepage.

Note: When using iPads or Tablets for your kiosks we recommend setting them in a vertical orientation for best results.

A 90 second refresh timer has been added to each action, so that after 90 seconds pass without any action - your kiosk will automatically return to the homepage for the next customer.

Processing Orders

There are two options to process and fulfill orders:

Have your customers place an order in-store via the kiosk:

  1. Each time an order is placed, a ticket will be printed accordingly. For visual purposes, each ticket printed will have a bold "In-Store" header across the top.

  2. These orders are automatically prioritized at the top of your Orders Dashboard, so they can be fulfilled first (before other pending online orders).

    Note: This is the default setting when activating in-store ordering.

Have a complete secondary fulfillment station with a second printer:

  1. This will allow online orders to be printed to one station, and in-store orders to be printed at another location. To activate this, simply toggle on the Separate In-Store orders option.

Most retailers typically choose the first option due to the layout of their stores, however, we do have options for both depending on how your store would like to operate!

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