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With Olla, retailers have the ability to customize their store URL's to be unique to their brand! Utilizing a custom URL not only strengthens your brand by keeping URL's consistent, it also gives your online store a SEO boost!

By default, Olla generates a unique URL for your brand and store location
- ie. [retailer][location] .

This article walks you through how to leverage a custom URL so that you can integrate your Olla Online Store into your current website URL
- ie.[location].


We strongly recommend having your webmaster assist you through this process - it can be tricky if you're not familiar with changing DNS / CNAME records.

Don't have a webmaster? We're more than happy to help! Simply send an email to or contact us via the chat bubble in your dashboard.

Step 1: Update your CNAME Alias

  1. Log into your domain registrar's Control Panel.

  2. Select your website's domain.

  3. Navigate to the DNS Settings page.

  4. Select the appropriate page to modify your CNAME Records.

  5. You will then need to fill in the Host* and Points To* fields of your screen. These are both unique to your store, and will be shared directly with you by your onboarding manager.

    As an example, your Host & Points to fields should look something like this:
    Host*: shop

    Points To:

  6. Save Changes.

Step 2: Confirmation & Final Steps

Contact our team at to confirm your set up is complete!

Note: DNS settings can take up to 72 hours to propagate; however, it's usually much, much, much faster.

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