Getting Started

Creating A New User Login

If you navigate to the 'Users' section in Greenbits, you can create a new login for Olla using the credentials listed below: 

For example, if your store name is 'Lux', you'd use the following information: 

Granting Permissions

After creating the account, please navigate to the Permissions section in order to grant Olla’s newly created account access to your live inventory.

1) Backoffice Access 

  • Please select 'Access Back Office' so our team can view the backend platform.

2) Assigning Required Permissions 

Under the heading 'Make Sales', select the following:

  •  View products

Under the heading 'Manage Inventory, select the following:

  • View categories

  • View product types

  • View brands

  • View strains

  • View suppliers

Final Steps

Once these permissions have been granted, please send an email confirming the newly created username and password to with the subject line "[Store Name] Greenbits".

Once this step has been completed, we'll begin onboarding your inventory into your new online store!

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